Our charges depend on the number of property owners stated in your public title deed. In general, the fees for presentation and online payment are € 64.20 for a single tax return. Any additional tax return will be filed for a reduced fee of € 32.10.

This scale illustrates the fees according to the number of property owners:

This service includes the tax calculation and preparation of necessary forms and documents, payment of the tax due, submission of your tax declaration(s) and sending you the tax returns as PDF files by e-mail.

In the case that you have been owning your property for several years, but have never payed the non-resident tax, we can take care of that after consultation by telephone or e-mail.

If you have sold your property without having any capital gains and would like to claim a refund of the 3% tax retention, our fee for this is € 480,00. Please contact the office for further information.